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Better Selling With Personalized Text Marketing Campaigns

Create time-sensitive text marketing campaigns that complement your overall digital marketing strategy – and speak directly to your customers on the device they use the most. This is the route to better cross-selling, up-selling, and better selling in general!

  • 4.8 billion smartphone users in the world (BankMyCell, 2021)
  • 60% read text messages within 5 minutes (TechJury, 2021)
  • 70% say text is a good way to get their attention (Startup Bonsai, 2021)

Don’t Let Contacts Fall Off Your List

Your sales, referral, and retention potential is only as good as your contact list. List management from Everlytic means you can import your contact numbers, keep them in one place, know who’s still on the list and who’s chosen to exit, and maintain control of an organized and segmented base of prospects for text messaging.

Boost Retention with Triggered Texts

Use automated text messages to reach more contacts in a more targeted way, based on behavior, preferences, and even time-sensitive or special updates. This boosts customer retention because your brand feels like it’s more available, more often.

Even Bulk Texts Can Be Customized

Sending an identical text to everyone on your list? That’s not an effective way to build the deepest connection with your customers. Instead, leverage the data you have on each subscriber to personalize bulk texts based on events, offers, and even specific profile information.

Additionally, send attachments, like invoices or statements, via text – and see who’s read, clicked, and downloaded.

Everlytic’s reporting suite

Know How Impactful Every Text Is

Text is a great channel, with typical users checking their smartphones up to 52 times each day (99Firms, 2021).

But it’s even better when you can use Everlytic’s powerful reporting suite to find out how subscribers respond, determine how a campaign performs, and evaluate your ROI. Everything’s tracked for you, so you know if there’s:

  • A reply
  • A click
  • A download
  • An unsubscribe
  • A bounce
Get more of your marketing message across

Say More by Sending Text-to-Email

Everlytic | Bulk Text Messaging | Composition | Text-to-Email

With Everlytic’s Text-to-Email functionality, you can send a text message to drive contacts to an online version of an email.

Use this to get more of your marketing message across, to reach more subscribers, or to engage with subscribers on their preferred platform. Plus, you can monitor who’s read, clicked on, and visited the page.

Make Strategic Marketing Connections
with Text Messages

Your text message campaigns can be personalized, automated, tracked, analyzed, and revised for improvement, when you use Everlytic.