Messy Email Lists Don’t Make Business Sense

A disorganized mailing list is like a messy wallet: you’re not going to get rich with either one.

With Everlytic, you can effortlessly gather, organize, and manage your email lists, so you know who’s who, what they want, and which of your interactions really motivate them to take action.

Everlytic | Email Marketing | Manage Your Lists

Seamlessly Import Contacts & Keep Your Data Current

Bring your customers and clients with you. Wherever they may be, you can copy, import, and integrate your current contacts and their data into Everlytic. Quick relocation. Easy storage. Intuitive management.

Store Specific Subscriber Info for Better Brand Connection

You can create unique custom fields to help you understand what your subscribers like, want, and need. Use data segmentation and personalization to make them feel like you get them – and connect them more deeply with your brand.

Use Subscriber Behavior to Enhance Personalization

Understanding your audience is a work in progress. As each contact engages with your email marketing, Everlytic helps you send them along pre-defined paths based on their behavior. These triggered communications get you into the customer’s headspace at a specific point in time, enabling more targeted and personalized messaging.

Everlytic | Email Builder Templates

Beautiful Email Building for Non-Designers

Creating stylish, professional, and fit-for-purpose mailers doesn’t need to take forever.

We know you have other things to do. Use Everlytic’s Email Builder to save time, prevent stress… and end the agonizing over how to make each mailer look perfect.

Everlytic | Email Builder Templates

Build Drag-and-Drop Emails with Ease & Confidence

The design, building, and editing is where many email marketers get stuck. But with Everlytic, it’s simple. Pick a template, fine-tune it in line with your brand and style, insert images, drag and drop a content box, and place your copy and CTA buttons into it.

Give Each Subscriber a Personalized Experience

Why would you send the same generic email to everyone, when Everlytic can help you create one email that targets and adapts to different segments of your audience? When you create mailers that include dynamic content – like header copy, header image, layout, and pricing sections that change based on who’s seeing it – you can serve relevant offerings to your subscribers based on real data… without the need to create multiple emails.

Mobile-Responsive Mailers Grab Them Wherever They Are

As much as 49% of email messages are opened on mobile (Reliablesoft, 2021) and, if your email is not optimized for mobile, 70% of the target audience will delete it (Invesp, 2021). This is not a chance worth taking. It’s also not a problem when you use Everlytic’s drag-and-drop builder and mobile-responsive templates.

A/B Test to See What Works Better

Unsure of campaign effectiveness? There’s no need to commit to one option, because you can split-test two emails.

  • Test different subject lines, name formats, images (and colors), or even different content.
  • Auto-send the winning version based on how it realized your campaign goals.
  • Review Everlytic’s reports to make more effective content decisions on your next emails.
Everlytic | AB Split Test Email Campaigns

Monitor, Evaluate & Improve

Everlytic’s campaign optimization features and reporting tools make all the difference when it comes to running powerful campaigns. When you measure results, you have the data you need to improve.

Track Subscriber Behavior for Better Marketing Decisions

Your own email data is the most actionable data you can get your hands on. When you know how your contacts engage with your emails, and you have data on when and where, your marketing decisions are better informed and your campaigns are more effective. That’s intelligent communications.

See How Subscribers Engage & Give Them What They Like

How frequently a contact opens an email… Which links they clicked on, how often. Whether they consume your content on desktop or mobile devices… Easy-to-understand reports containing this information can truly change the game for you.

Keep Your Subscribers Loyal & Interested

To connect with your communities on a personal level, and to build a loyal following for your brand, you need robust infrastructure, marketing intelligence, personalization, and reports that feed back on all of it.

When you’re armed with real data on what excites and motivates subscribers, you’re able to give them more of what they enjoy, want, and need from your brand.

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