Everlytic | Database Management | Diagram

Integrated, Intelligent Database Management

Everlytic has built-in database management, segmentation and international data privacy compliance.

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  • Grow
Everlytic | Seamlessely Import Contacts

Seamlessly Import Contacts

Import your contact database from your CRM into our system, make it easily understandable and easily accessible to all users, and instantly start sending messages via email, text message, or voice broadcasting.

Everlytic | Seamlessely Import Contacts
Everlytic | Keep Your Data Current | Bulk Update Screen on Desktop

Keep Your Data Current

Have multiple lead magnets or sign-up forms on your website? Easily eliminate duplicates and rely on Everlytic’s unique identifiers to ensure no-one gets multiple versions of the same message.

You can also use convenient bulk updates to change certain general details for many contacts at once.

Everlytic | Keep Your Data Safe | Privacy Diagram

Keep Your Data Safe

When managing large volumes of sensitive data, in the form of subscribers’ personal information, you must prioritize its safety and security. Everlytic’s platform is built to help you comply with all global data protection laws.

Everlytic | Keep Your Data Safe | Privacy Diagram
Everlytic | Store Specific Subscriber Info | Dynamic Content

Store Specific Subscriber Info

To create personalized content that resonates with your subscribers and makes better connections, segment and filter them by interest, location, or personal information. This way, you can also refer to previous data while creating new data – ensuring consistency in your marketing material.

Subscription Forms - Everlytic International - Intelligent Database Management

Make Your Lists Bigger & Better

With Everlytic’s smart sign-up forms, you can grow your database and gather feedback that matters. Use our intuitive drag-and-drop builder to create an attractive sign-up form on your website or at the point of sale, and invite visitors to join your mailing list.

You can also capture lead data, place premium content behind a wall, register guests at events, and update details – with add custom fields for easier list segmentation and data updates.

Subscription Forms - Everlytic International - Intelligent Database Management

Solutions and Services that Support and Grow Businesses

Your text message campaigns can be personalized, automated, tracked, analyzed, and revised for improvement, when you use Everlytic.