Transact Meaningfully in an Instant

Craft eye-catching, screen-responsive communication using Everlytic’s transactional messaging email templates, code editor, or classic composer. Once you’ve got their attention, make every transaction relevant with personalization parameters and dynamic content blocks.

Make Insight-Driven Decisions

Use Everlytic reports to track transactional messages in real time, assessing detailed text reports and email metrics like delivery rate, opens, clicks, and bounces. You can even categorize your messages by transaction types and other granular tagging to enrich your analytics.

Use webhooks to get updates on your messages, auto-responding in ways that support your client journey and business objectives.

Everlytic | Transactional Reporting Dashboard

Transact Powerfully Using Everlytic

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Features You’ll Get in 2022….

These are some of the transactional features we’re launching soon:

  • Drag-and-drop composition

  • PDF composition, personalization & password protection

  • Advanced reporting and MTA delivery receipts

  • API explorer testing and example code wrappers

  • Advanced request batching

  • Tracked online attachments

  • Archived transactions and attachments

  • Everlytic embedded in most common frameworks

Drag and Drop Builder on Desktop - Everlytic International - Transactional Messaging

Reduce Workload & Boost Client Trust

Automate business-critical communication, update customers in real time, and send large documents at scale with Everlytic’s transactional messaging platform.