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Ours isn’t a system that takes long to implement or relies on a massive range of features you’ll never use. We stick to what our customers need, and we deliver that with excellence.

Everlytic | Top Marketing Automation for All Channels

Enterprise Email Marketing Solution

Everlytic’s enterprise email marketing solution means that you can effortlessly create professional, dynamic mailers tailored to individual customer needs; optimize campaigns, drive engagement, and communicate strategically via automated behavior-responsive workflows and scheduling; and use heat maps to understand how your customers engage with your content and what they respond to.

Bulk Text Message Marketing

Everlytic’s bulk text messaging and automation tools enable you to auto-respond to specific actions and collect data. Import contacts from anywhere, easily manage databases, and establish integrated cross-channel campaigns that track everything your recipients do. Plus, Text-to-Email functionality gives you the power of email with the reach of text. All this, while remaining fully compliant with the relevant international data privacy legislation, including GDPR, POPIA, and CAN-SPAM.

Automated Voice Broadcasting

Have something important to say, like a promotion or event reminder? Got time-sensitive content, like a fraud alert or emergency warning?

Get your message across in minutes with automated voice broadcasts and text-to-speech voice broadcasting. Add music and sound effects to produce dynamic, distinctive campaigns that your audiences share and remember.

Clickable Push Notifications for Web or Mobile

Everlytic enables push-and-pull communication strategies, to help you connect with subscribers, quickly and effectively, on channels that suit them.

You can grab their attention online, when they’re not on your website; driving click-throughs with well-timed distractions.

Integrated, Intelligent Database Management

Capture lead data, gate premium content, register guests at events, and gather feedback that matters with intelligent subscription forms from Everlytic. Integrated database management tools, like sign-up forms, and custom data fields allow for easier list segmentation and data updates, like subscribes and unsubscribes.

Automated Customer Journeys

Leads going cold? Heat them up. With Everlytic, cross-channel marketing automation, lead nurturing, and customer onboarding are easy. Move customers through the sales funnel with helpful, well-timed messaging. Use automated customer journeys to give new customers all the info they need to onboard. And combine bulk distribution, advanced personalization, and conversion-driving marketing automation solutions for seamless connection and conversion.

Advanced Levels of Audience Insight

Sending generic messages to your customers? Not anymore. With Everlytic, you get deep insights into every customer interaction. Detailed reports help you refine and optimize your messaging. And, with the ability to create, track, and measure almost any variable, you can create hyper-personalized, data-backed campaigns that ‘speak’ to those they’re targeting.

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