Case Studies

5 05, 2016

Tsogo Sun Reaches 61% More Subscribers with SMS

By |May 5th, 2016|

Most of Tsogo Sun’s database was contactable via cell phone, not email. This meant that each time they sent an email, they weren’t reaching a significant portion of their database. With SMS-to-email, however, they now send a link via SMS to an online version of their emails – a feature that enables them to reach 61% more of their subscribers.

3 09, 2015

PostNet Manages Enterprise-Level Communications & Data

By |Sep 3rd, 2015|

PostNet SA and its 278 franchises needed one system to send internal and external communications, all while securely managing everyone’s data. Everlytic’s multi-tenant architecture enables each branch to manage communications independently of head office. API integration also ensures that data between head office and its branches is synced.

15 07, 2015


By |Jul 15th, 2015|

A trusted online shopping site that brings over 15 million products to the South African market. They are the main importer of “hard-to-find” products from the USA, ranging from books, DVDs, toys, clothing, jewellery, electronics, photography equipment, games and much more.

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