Old Mutual Personalised Emails


Old Mutual Personal Finance wanted to deliver more relevant email offers and experiences to its contacts. To do this, personalisation was applied to elements in an email, like the clients’ name, the name and contact details of their financial advisor, the header image, and the subject line.

The financial powerhouse also used dynamic content to customise each email based on if the contact was an Old Mutual Rewards member or not. The results beat our average email benchmarks for opens and clicks.


The objective of the campaign was to:

  • Run a successful email campaign using personalised variables to target relevant clients at different stages of their lives.
  • Educate clients and promote investments pertinent to the client’s needs and life stage.


Everlytic’s Services team custom-created one email template with dynamic content that sent only relevant content to contacts that were grouped into one of three life stages. The following fields were personalised according to the contact’s data and the life stage they were in:

  • The message subject line
  • The header image
  • The client’s title and last name
  • Their Financial Advisor’s title and last name
  • Their Financial Advisor’s telephone number

The Results

Within hours of the email being sent, 335 clicks were processed, and 66 recipients clicked through to sign up for Old Mutual Rewards. Email engagement was also much higher than average. The open rate, for instance, was 32%, and the click-through rate was 4.3%, compared to our local 2018 benchmarks of 24.65% and 2.98% respectively.

Success Factors

The following Everlytic features helped achieve these results:

  • A personalised, clean, clear subject line: {{Personalised name}}, give your child the world
  • Personalised name, content, and imagery: Content, imagery, and name personalisation sent at the right time, using custom fields and other contact data, meant that the content was relevant to the reader and improved its open rate.
  • Professional template coding & creation: Everlytic’s template creation services gave Old Mutual the framework to instantly and automatically send hyper-personalised messaging to all users. The dynamic content sections of the email were also custom coded by one of our developers.
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