Whether you’re using automation to optimize timing for the best impact or trigger specific messaging based on behavior or preferences, repetitive and inefficient tasks can move off your To Do List.

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Compel Them to Act in the Moment

Triggered communication that responds to customer engagement and behavior can stop leads from going cold.

Respond to Customer Interactions

Everlytic’s responsive workflows are triggered automatically when a contact interacts or doesn’t interact with your message, based on a specific date, or when data is updated in the platform.

Personalize for Future Engagement

Auto-target contacts based on their behavior, preferences, and previous sales, and personalize each customer’s experience so they want more from you.

Get the Tools, Timing & Impact Right

Automation Features you Need and will Use

The last thing you want is an expensive system that takes forever to implement – especially when you don’t need all the features. That’s why, at Everlytic, we double down on the automation functions that you get clear, measurable value from.

Auto-Scheduling Saves Time & Drives Impact

Automation saves time and resources by lowering acquisition costs. But that’s not enough. If you want real ROI, you want to send your communications at exactly the right time. Use our automation tools to send emails, text messages, voice broadcasts, and push notifications at times when they’ll be most effective.

Customer Journeys Create Better Connections

Communication is a journey. You want to be able to craft sophisticated cross-channel campaigns that leverage emails, text messages, voice broadcasts, and/or push notifications – but you need access to easy-to-create workflows.

With Everlytic, all this is built in, to help you boost selling, up-selling, and cross-selling.

Show Them They’re Important to You

Send a Welcome or Auto-Response Message

Everlytic’s enterprise email marketing solution means that you can effortlessly create professional, dynamic mailers tailored to individual customer needs; optimize campaigns, drive engagement, and communicate strategically via automated behavior-responsive workflows and scheduling; and use heat maps to understand how your customers engage with your content and what they respond to.

Share Critical Onboarding Information Timeously

Are you struggling with time-consuming or even ineffective onboarding processes? Use Everlytic’s automated customer journeys to give customers or employees all the information they need in the time they need it – automatically.

Everlytic | Automation | Abandoned Cart Email Example

Encourage Them to Complete Purchases

Are your ecommerce customers abandoning their shopping carts before finalising an online purchase? Do they know what’s happening with their orders and what promotions are running on your site?

Send automated reminder communications, order journeys, and promotional newsletters in response to their behavior – so they get what they want from your store, when they need it.

Everlytic | Automation | Abandoned Cart Email Example

Save Time & Resources for Your Business
with Message Automation

Want to help customers learn more about your brand, encourage them to keep coming back, or remind them of why they bought from you in the first place?