If you’re already sending engaging emails to your client base, then you know what can be achieved with this powerful communication channel. This begs the question, “Is email good for driving internal engagement too?” We believe the answer is a definite “yes”, and in this piece, we’ll use everyday examples to highlight how you can optimise your internal communications without much effort using email.

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1. Request Info with Subscription Forms in Email

For you to maximise the impact of your email comms, you’ll need data. Whether you’re collecting basic staff contact info or inventory data on employee hardware, subscription forms can help you to conveniently obtain large amounts of relevant information from your workforce.

With platforms like Everlytic, you can set up quick surveys in emails for data collection drives. Besides the benefit this holds for improved email communications, this data can help inform important business decisions like onboarding strategies, retention efforts, and internal procurement.

2. Segment Your Audiences via Contact Tagging

Now that you have the data, you can get to the business of extracting real value from it. One place to start is to help your staff avoid trudging through irrelevant emails by only sending them messaging that’s useful to them. This is possible with contact fields that you associate with each employee on your staff list.

For example, if you’re renovating your offices in Cape Town and need to send your staff living there daily info about logistics and practical arrangements, then filtering contacts by geolocation can help you remove employees from your recipient pool who live elsewhere.

In addition to streamlining your comms this way, contact fields and tagging can have other unconventional applications.

Let’s assume you want to reach out to folks in your business with specific interests or skills  – especially when talent hunting internally. Sending employees through onboarding or training workflows can help prompt them to share info on career interests. You can then tag this data and use it for filtering email lists – making it easier for your hiring teams to identify ideal candidates and reach out to them.

Check out our article titled, How to Improve Your Customer Experience with Contact Tagging for effective ways to use this technique in database management and audience segmentation.

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3. Onboard and Train Your Staff with Workflows

Automated workflows can do far more than nurture leads for your business. If you onboard new recruits throughout the year, you will need to ensure they get all the info they need in easily manageable chunks. To help you do so, you can create a series of email messages that are triggered as soon as someone new is added to your staff list.

In addition, you can upskill employees in any given competency using training workflows. By breaking up your skills training into weekly “modules” that you share via email, you can ensure staff don’t get overwhelmed by too much content.

Here are four resources for helping you maximise the effectiveness of your automated workflows – whether internally, or as part of an external marketing strategy:

4. Personalise Your Messaging for Engagement

According to Zippia, 80% of employees would work harder if they felt better appreciated in the workplace. One way of showing employees that they’re not just a number is by sending them personalised messaging.

Birthday emails, for example, are a simple way of acknowledging an employee’s presence and contribution to your business. Basic personalisation fields can make all the difference here, enabling you to pull in the employee’s name, date of birth, and even custom fields like favourite food, place, and hobby!

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5. Optimise Email Engagement Using Analytics

Internal emails might be sent between familiar colleagues, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for improvement in how they’re put together or shared. Email analytics helps you to zoom in on how your internal emails are performing. With platforms like Everlytic, you can monitor:

  • Open rates
  • Click-to-open rates
  • Clicks
  • Bounces
  • List interaction (%)
  • Forwards

Once you know which blind spots exist in your internal emails, you can learn from that, adapt accordingly, and craft more engaging content.

Boost Efficiency & Culture via Internal Communications

Effective internal communications can help you boost efficiency in every unit of your business, while keeping employees informed and feeling heard. We believe by implementing these five techniques you will create more effective messaging that your staff will find both relevant and engaging.

Master Internal Communications with Everlytic

Effective internal communications rely on you managing, updating, and maintaining your staff data. Everlytic’s powerful database management tools can help you do that with ease.