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Meet Everlytic: The Culture & Technology

Everlytic’s culture is steeped in kindness, teamwork, and a commitment to personal growth. It’s no wonder the company uses the same principles to build a software that supports and grows businesses too. Have a look.

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The Everlytic Story

In 2004, in classic software-development style, the Everlytic founders built a software platform in the garage of a Johannesburg home. Back then, it was a simple platform designed for publishers, but in 2010 it was restructured to form the basis of what Everlytic is today.

Since 2010, we’ve developed Everlytic into the sophisticated multi-channel marketing and automation tool it is today, with over 90 staff members across South Africa and the United Kingdom.

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We’re Awesome and We Know It

Everlytic is a level 3 BEE contributor and our software is 100% South African, built by our team of talented software engineers. We’ve been ranked the fastest growing tech company in South Africa and the third fastest in Africa by Deloitte.

Additionally, Everlytic was nominated as a Top 10 finalist in PWC’s 2015 Vision to Reality Awards and voted one of the Most Promising African Technology Companies by CIO Review in 2020. In 2021, Everlytic was also the 2nd Runner up for the Technology Company of the Year Award at Africa Tech Week.

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