Without the right know-how, creating attractive and functional email templates can be a laborious affair. With this in mind, Everlytic has designed five easy-to-use composition tools that cater for all users, regardless of skill level, to help you create beautiful, responsive emails.

The Builder: Drag & Drop Simplicity

The Builder is a great way to customise your emails without having to know HTML or CSS. The Builder is designed to optimise images and format your content automatically.

The drag-and-drop functionality allows you to:

  • Arrange the layout of the email.
  • Drop images, text, and attachments into your email.
  • Edit your text.
Customising your email’s layout

The layout tab of the design allows you to select the number of columns you wish to add to your email.

Simply click and drag the layout option into the email, and drop it into your desired location. Once placed you will have the ability to move, duplicate, or delete the layout you added. You can add as many columns as necessary to the email, wherever you need them.

Adding content to your email

You can add the following content elements to your email:

  • Button: Adds a button to your email, you can customise the button text and link URL.
  • Divider: Adds a line division to your email.
  • Image: Add your own images into the email.
  • Text: Add text to your email. You can edit the text within the email using a built-in WYSIWYG editor.
Classic and Classy

The Classic composer lets you choose from a range of professionally designed, responsive email templates which you can then add your content to. The Classic composer uses a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface, which you can use to add and edit content in the email.

If you need to make changes to the template itself, you can do so if you are familiar with HTML.

You can add images, text, and links to your email. You can also add personalisation tags straight from the WYSIWYG toolbar.

The Coder

If you’re more comfortable designing an email using the code itself, the Coder lets you use HTML or CSS to create an email. The Coder includes a plain text editor, a library of standard code which you can add to the email’s code, and standard email personalisation fields.

The Coder comes with our standard preview, SPAM testing, and compatibility testing tools. You can also add attachments using an attachment wizard we’ve built into the tool.

Import from URL

If you have a Content Management System (CMS), such as Joomla or WordPress, or you send recurring communications like a daily newsletter, the Import from URL feature allows you to generate your newsletters automatically by fetching the online content and sending it without having to re-create the content.

Upload from ZIP

If you have in-house designers or an outsourced agency, you can use the Upload ZIP file function to upload HTML newsletters which they save in .ZIP format. You don’t need any knowledge of HTML or CSS to use the upload option.