To start off the new year we went on the hunt for some real “learning” nuggets from 2014, and we wanted to know Which clients had achieved exceptional success from their 2014 mailers based on two key metrics:
  1. Open rates (Part 1)
  2. Click Through rates (Part 2)

The research samples were based on emails sent to databases of approximately 10,000 contacts and more. In Part 1 we selected clients who achieved open rates of over 40%. To put this into perspective the SA benchmark for a good open rate is between 15% to 20%, so if your mailer is hitting those open rates, then you’re doing well. However, if you’re exceeding that, you need to take a bow.

Download our Guide to Best Performing Emails to:

  • See five real examples of mailers that achieved an over 40% open rate.
  • Get critical insights from Everlytic email experts as they weigh in on each successful mailer.
  • Assist your email planning for 2015.