Whatever your goals are for email, mobile or social communications, it’s important to know whether your efforts are as successful as other players in your industry or not. Industry specific statistics are helpful for making informed campaign decisions. Being able to benchmark your open rates, social engagement and other stats provides clarity on whether you need some intervention, or if you are on the right track.

In Version 6.7, Everlytic will not only enable you to see more in-depth reporting, but will also allow you to take note of industry trends and have comparative benchmarks.

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These benchmarks will help level the industry playing field. You can now compare your campaigns with industries that use the same tracking and reporting mechanisms as you, allowing your improvement to be measured in the right context, i.e. comparing apples with apples.

The key findings from these reports should enable you to decide on whether or not you are getting the results you were hoping for in comparison to your competitors. These stats, will update weekly giving you up-to-date industry stats to benchmark your performance against. Use these results to optimise your sending where you may be below your industry, or innovate and increase your success, where you are superseding others.

You should now be able to apply A/B split testing where necessary to optimise what works and what doesn’t. For instance, where you see that your industry is sending on a Thursday at 11am and are receiving better open rates, whilst you’re dispatching on a Tuesday. You can try changing your sending time to find your mailing sweet spot.

Practice makes perfect and with our new Email Marketing Industry Benchmarks, you are one step closer to understanding more about your campaigns. Good luck and let’s see those amazing results!