It’s not really that much of a secret. Applied knowledge goes a long way with almost anything. In this case, applied knowledge is what makes the difference between a good click rate and a great one.
Think of your own Inbox and what emails you are more inclined to open than others. Things that immediately come to mind are:

• Relevance or usefulness to me or my business, perhaps someone I know
• The feeling of “Well that’s a bargain.”
• Thinking I will use or buy the product/service in the future.
• Getting new information or updates

Considering these points, here are eight ways to take your click rates from good to great:

1. Offer targeted content

You have a specific product or service that you offer. There is a specific target market that will respond to what you offer. Each industry has keywords, services or products that tell others exactly what you offer. It is obvious then, that you will include all of these elements in your emails to this target market. You know who you are reaching out to right? Let them know you know.

2. Highlight a Special Offer

We are always looking for the best deals in our everyday lives, from groceries to investments. The business world is not any different and nothing says “Click Me” like a discount or special offer.

3. Personalise your emails

Getting email greetings addressed to “Dear Subscriber” or “To Valued Customer” don’t hit home like a first name. Utilise subscription forms to gather information about your customers. This will allow you to personalise emails accordingly and give it that little bit extra.

4. Mobile Optimization

The mobile phone industry is growing in leaps and bounds; emails are accessible on the latest smart devices when away from the office.

5. P.S. I have an offer for you

Reading an email shouldn’t be a longwinded experience and plenty of people scan emails rather than read each and every word. The P.S. is a great way to grab the attention of the contact through a well-placed visual. Combined with a Call-to-Action, this can encourage customers to connect to your website or to sign-up to your newsletter.

6. Headline Subject line

Newspapers do it. Magazine’s abuse it. People respond well to it. I’m talking about the headline or in the case of an email, the subject line. Remember, it is the first thing your contact will see. Do A/B Split testing for your emails, allowing you to test which subject line got the most hits and therefore, what your contacts are responding to better.

7. #SocialMedia

Social media has taken the world by storm, #worlddomination, and most, if not all your contacts, will have access to some social media platform. Why not take advantage of this fact by adding social media links to your emails?

Statistics on social media can be viewed here: South African Social Media Landscape 2015


The CTA is a marketing gold, which is why we mention it twice. Only use one and make it easy to see. Place it on the right as people often use their phones with one hand only, and a right-aligned CTA makes it easier to tap with a thumb.

With these tips and tricks, combined with a powerful marketing mailer tool, you are on your way to reaching your intended contacts successfully. We want to see you become successful, and it’s no secret.