Everlytic’s new Zapier integration enables the syncing of customer data from more than five thousand online apps to our platform – helping you achieve an almost infinite number of digital communication goals. But this is only half of the story. You’d probably like to know which integrations are best for your business development and online presence. This piece delves into four handy integration types that could have a major impact on the effectiveness of your digital comms.

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Integrating for Digital Success

Before building your first automated workflow on Zapier (also known as a “Zap”), take a minute to plan what you want to achieve. Zapier is a powerful automation tool, but not all workflows you’ll create will offer the same business value. If your organisation is active online, then consider doing the following:

1. Syncing From Your Preferred CRM

This is one of the most value-adding integration options since you already have all your customer data conveniently stored and managed in one place, and it’s continually updated. You can set off a Zap from most leading CRM platforms when customer data fields are updated, but some CRMs also allow for triggering on creation of new contacts and users, or when new leads enter your pipeline.

Sending well-timed transactional messaging probably comes to mind at this point – which we’ll discuss in more detail later – but you can do much more than that when integrating your CRM with a platform like Everlytic.

For example, you can send customers on informative workflows to educate them on getting more from your offering, or even wish them happy birthday with a seamlessly personalised email. These are just two handy examples of what’s possible.

Take a look at this Knowledge Base update for a straightforward guide to syncing your CRM platform with Everlytic using our Zapier integration.

2. Integrate With Social Media Platforms

You always want to keep your finger on the pulse if you have a social media presence since this helps you to pick up on customer queries, complaints, or even possible leads. By integrating your comms platform with your social media pages, you can respond to customers and prospects alike in the blink of an eye.

You can trigger automated communications when someone reaches out via direct messaging on Facebook Messenger, respond in a timely way when new content is posted on your Instagram account, or be ready when a new lead comes in on TikTok. These are only a handful of possible applications, and far more can be achieved when you first start automating with our new Zapier integration.

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3. Collect Data with Popular Form Apps

An ideal place for automating communications is when prospects, or customers, submit data via an online form. Our new Zapier integration allows you to trigger actions on Everlytic from most popular form building apps, like Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, and Pipedrive, to name a few.

Like your CRM, forms are an ideal gateway for triggering communication workflows and sending personalised messaging. That said, forms really come into their own as powerful tools for building your contact lists, especially if you set them up with proper data compliance practices in mind.

For advice on creating online forms that engage readers and prompt them to take action, have a look at our blog post titled 11 Subscription Form Tips for High-Performing Email Campaigns.

4. Embrace Transactional Workflows

Omni-channel customer support is finally accessible thanks to easy-to-build transactional workflows triggered using our Zapier integration. Previously we covered these flexible automations in some detail. They’re workflows that effortlessly span the gap between your various online touchpoints to help you securely send your customers personalised content that’s ultra-relevant to the business dealings they have with you.

What’s more, these business-critical comms reach your customers in no time thanks to Everlytic’s ultra-reliable API and cloud-based infrastructure.

Let’s say your customers prefer buying products on your ecommerce page, but they ask about product returns on your social media pages and reach out about billing information and pricing via webmail. In the past you’d have to use expensive, custom-built integrations to get all these touchpoints to sync and transactional messaging sent – but this is now a thing of the past thanks to our new integration.

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Try Out Our Zapier Integration

We hope the four integration types we covered will help you unleash the full potential of your customer support communications, lead nurturing efforts, and marketing campaigns. If you’re already familiar with our platform, then using our Zapier integration is a logical next step in your communication growth journey. We invite you to select any one of the automation types mentioned and to start building your first Zap today.

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