You’ve worked hard to close a sale, made sure your customer is happy, and watched them drive off in their new vehicle. Now what?

Now it’s about retaining and maintaining that relationship. “Purchasing or leasing a vehicle is unlikely a one-time affair for most of your customers,” says Data One Software. “The best way to retain your customers is by marketing maintenance and service, while monitoring their current vehicle situation for a timely new vehicle offer.”

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Consumers are Still Buying Cars

According to the 2020 AutoTrader Car Industry Report, there has been a 22% increase in intent by consumers to purchase used cars, while 77% of consumers still plan to upgrade their current car or buy an additional one. And you can influence this: “The thought of buying a new car may not have entered their minds yet, but offering an upgrade at no additional cost is pretty attractive to many customers,” says Data One Software. With as many as 82% of businesses using email marketing, the best channel to put that influence to use is undoubtedly email. And it’s more important now than ever.

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The Big Shake Up is Here

With the Competition Commission’s new guidelines, the aftermarket game has changed. “Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs, or vehicle manufacturers), dealerships and workshops will have to alter the way they do business in the future,” says AutoTrader CEO George Mienie.

From 1 July 2021, consumers without insurance will be able to repair their vehicles at their own selected service provider at any time, meaning they are no longer locked into an arrangement with an approved motor-body repairer. This means dealers will also have to unbundle the purchase price of a vehicle from the service plan. It puts the choice back in the consumer’s hands, providing the option of purchasing the vehicle separately from (or at the same time as) a service or maintenance plan.

Automation & Sealing the Deal

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Although this is a huge shake up to the automotive industry, it needn’t feel scary – with Everlytic, it’s a huge opportunity. Regular, personalised communication keeps your dealership top of mind while making the customer feel that their needs are top of your mind. And with 54% of car buyers willing to pay more for a better buying experience, that’s a huge win.

Being in their inbox at the right time with exactly what they want , and at the price point they need, means they don’t have to look far. Mienie says, “In 2021, if you have a business that switches off at 5pm, those consumers are going to be captured by someone else. Someone else is going to hold that consumer’s hand – even if it is at night. Companies that prosper in 2021 realise this.”

Automation ensures you don’t lose anyone in this pivotal window. Everlytic specialises in rich, personalised customer journeys. Once a potential customer has shown interest on your website, follow up with specifications or videos of the vehicles they were interested in. Still no bite? Return with a specials brochure. Find out whether they’ve applied for finance yet. Send clear, useful information about your maintenance and service plans. Make the customer feel fully informed, knowing there will be no surprises once they’re in-store. Everlytic allows you to create responsive journeys for customers based on their interests, needs, demographics, and engagement. Whether they drove off in a Hilux or are eying a Polo on your dealership’s website, you have the power to reach them with a follow-up that brings them back.

Capture them when they’re ready, hold their hand throughout and you’ll have a customer for life – from sale to service and beyond.