by Simone Lindner

Email Marketing Automation is currently a popular technology with marketers and businesses alike. It allows you to nurture leads through automated email campaigns to engage customers and take marketing to the next level.

You can strengthen your email marketing with automated marketing to build richer relationships, retain customers, improve conversions and reduce marketing costs, all while streamlining sales operations.

The most common features within email marketing automation are:

Trigger Based Email Campaigns: These are emails that are sent out automatically based on customers actions. These email’s make subscribers feel valued by your company and are used as ‘Welcome’ messages, ‘Thank you’ or Birthday messages among any other.

Transactional Emails: These emails are one to one secure emails which are used to send things like bills, receipts, order confirmations and invoices.

CRM Integration: Integrate CRMs to work together seamlessly with your website and bring valuable customer info into your CRM.

Email Reporting/Analytics: Incorporate email analytics to segment, score and qualify prospects based on their behaviours, response rates, open rates and much more. Find out whether you are failing or succeeding in your efforts with email analytics.

Lead Nurturing: Automate the process of qualifying leads and increase up sells and cross sells by keeping customers engaged.

List Management: Segment your database of leads and target them with clever campaigns.

Using marketing automation can drastically improve the effectiveness of your email marketing, especially if the product or service you offer involves a longer decision making process or your buying process is more complex. During a complex buying process, your customers will not make a decision immediately after their first interaction with you.

This type of lead nurturing will involve multiple communications. Each one will be there to help the customer through the buying process and by giving them the correct information when they need it. Automated marketing makes this process much easier.

Save your marketing team time.

Often the most precious business resource is its time. Now however, your marketing team will be able to produce high quality leads in the least amount of time. Marketing automation produces more quality leads and aligns the efforts of your marketing and sales team by allowing you to decide which leads deserve more attention and should be nurtured.

Marketing automation is a new technology but offers great opportunities for business growth while saving time and integrating online software together for ease of use.

Very often Automated Email Marketing Software also lives in the cloud which is a big benefit as you do not have to download the software which saves you money on hardware infrastructure, its easy for collaboration with team members when working on campaigns. Marketing cloud based software is also very fast and responsive with easy access to your information and lots of storage capacity.