Segmenting Your eCommerce Email Lists

Your email subscribers aren’t all the same — if you look at them closely, they can probably be separated into smaller groups, each with different needs. This is what email list segmentation does; it enables you to send each group targeted emails that they want to read. In our eCommerce Email Automation Guide, we share some of the ways you can segment your ecommerce email lists in Everlytic, including:

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Using Dynamic Content

Dynamic content allows you to create one email with multiple different sections in it and then programme each section to go to a certain segment of your list.

This means only the audience that you’ve specified will see their relevant section when the email arrives in their inbox. Anything not relevant to them, they won’t see; enabling you to reach a whole range of different audiences – personally – with one dynamic email.

Triggering by Engagement

In Everlytic’s automation workflows, you can trigger a workflow or a message in the workflow based on how a contact engaged with other messages in the workflow. The kinds of engagement you can trigger on include:

Email SMS Voice Broadcasting Landing Pages
Has not answered
Clicked on a link
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Update Contact Fields

Another functionality the Everlytic platform offers is for you to update specific data fields if a contact engages with your messaging in a certain way.

For instance, if you send an email showing two different clothing types – sports gear and evening wear – and your customer clicks on sports gear, you can get the system to automatically update, say, a ‘Current interests’ field to ‘Sports’. This enables you to send more sports-related content to the people who’ve shown interest in sports gear before.

This functionality applies to the same kind of engagement options on the previous page, giving you incredible flexibility in your communications.

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Get Niche with Filters

Another way to segment is by using filters to customise which segments of your list to include or exclude in an email send.

Filter Names Description
List Properties Whether a contact is or isn’t on a specific list in the system.
Geolocation Where the contact is based geographically.
Custom Fields Data fields that you’ve created yourself.
Contact Activity When the contact was created or how the contact has engaged with your previous communications.
Basic Contact Fields The standard data fields for most contacts, like name, mobile number, and email address.
Additional Fields Other data fields, like birth date, address, company, and job title.

Advanced Segmentation Tip: Add and / or statements to your filters, or groups of filters, to really drill down to hyper-niche audiences.

eCommerce keeps growing and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Is your online store set up for scalability? Can it handle the competition? How can you get started and how does it all work? Read our eCommerce Email Automation Guide for a basic breakdown of email list creation, segmentation, automation and more for ecommerce.