Integrating your CRM with messaging automation is a business power tool. It allows you to connect strategically with leads, clients, employees, and other stakeholders using sophisticated communication workflows that adapt to wherever they are in their journey with your brand. Conveniently, Everlytic’s API enables you to integrate with most platforms, but there are a few for which we’ve pre-built some integrations for you. One of our latest is Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Here are the top 5 ways you can automate communication using Everlytic’s Dynamics 365 plugin:

The Top 5 Ways to Use Everlytic’s Dynamics 365 Plugin | Businesspeople | Blog

Lead Nurturing

The sales funnel and sales frameworks like RACE teach us that business leads have different needs at different stages of the sales journey. When you integrate your Dynamics 365 lead management with Everlytic, you can automate the digital communication typically needed at each of these stages, giving leads what they need to make informed decisions without needing to ask for it.

Automation like this enables you to personalise and automate every lead-nurturing journey, save time for your sales team, and improve efficiencies while you’re at it.


Whether it’s new clients or employees you need to onboard to your business, services, platform, or programmes, automating the journey will save you countless hours. And with a Dynamics 365 integration, you can trigger and adapt this as and when their data fields change in the system.

For example, if a contact sets preferences, you can change the journey to match these. If they haven’t completed an important step, you can send a notification for this. How you adapt the journey will depend on your business and what’s needed to get started.

The Top 5 Ways to Use Everlytic’s Dynamics 365 Plugin | Man looking at cell phone | Blog image

Client Retention

It isn’t enough just to get new clients – you must look after the ones you have, or they’ll find a competitor who supports them better. By automating things like ongoing training, FAQs at certain stages of the journey, service check-ins, feedback requests, and surveys, you can support clients throughout their journey with your company. This improves client retention while giving your support team and relationship managers time for richer human-to-human client engagement.

Upselling & Cross Selling

Like we saw in the Digital Marketing Hourglass, marketing doesn’t end with a sale. Ongoing support requires there to be a post-purchase ‘marketing’ strategy too. This supports your retention strategy, gives clients the support they need before they need to ask, and gets the most business out of the clients you have.

With Everlytic’s Dynamics 365 plugin, you can draw from the purchasing data you have on every contact and personalise cross-selling / upselling to them – making even the sales process relevant and valuable to them.

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You want the most from your supply chain, so you can improve efficiencies, save costs, and increase output. When integrated with Everlytic, your Dynamics 365 supply chain management system can trigger automated comms to stakeholders at every stage of the chain. This enables you to manage customer expectations and keep people updated on inventory, warehouse processes, logistics, throughput, and more.

Integrating a data-rich system like Dynamics 365 with Everlytic enables you to use that data to create responsive, personalised experiences and processes that adapt as things change. Want to see how this can work for you? Check out our Dynamics 365 plugin page for more info.