Voice broadcasting is a relatively new and under-recognised technology in South Africa. In fact, Everlytic is currently one of the only local providers available. So, finding local case studies has been difficult. Luckily, the rest of the world’s head start with this dynamic communication tool is abundant with success stories.

Here are some of our favourites:

Insurance Policy Renewals

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LeadsRain, an American voice-and-SMS solutions provider, enabled an insurance agency to implement a cross-channel voice broadcasting campaign that simplified the policy renewal process with its policyholders. This included interactive voice broadcasts that allowed listeners to redirect to a live call with the agent, as well as a follow-up SMS for those who didn’t answer.

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The results? Over two months, the agency experienced a growth spurt of 220%.

The Solution:

The insurance agency sent out three voice broadcasts at three-day intervals to alert customers that their insurance policies were about to expire. During the broadcast, the contacts could press 1 to be redirected to a live call with the agent to discuss the renewal.

Once the voice campaign ended, the agency sent an SMS to clients who hadn’t yet renewed their insurance. This was valuable, as the contact already knew about the campaign from the broadcasts, so an SMS reminder was all they needed. And by including a link in the SMS (like you can with Everlytic), they directed contacts to an online renewal form.

The Results:

The insurance agency effectively managed their policy renewals process and experienced a growth spurt of 220% over two months. According to LeadsRain, the entire cross-channel campaign also helped the agency stay visible and generate client trust.

Utilities Payment Collections

Top Voice Broadcasting Case Studies | Everlytic | Digital communication software | Email marketing | Utilities payment collection


CallFire, another American voice-and-SMS-marketing solutions provider, helps an integrated solid waste services company process the accounts of more than two million customers using voice broadcasting. It helps the organisation collect payments at a higher rate, alert customers of delays, and has reduced bad debt by 40%.

The Problem:

Serving more than two million customers across 29 states in the USA was simple compared to the task of maintaining this waste company’s accounts receivable. Its time-consuming and expensive payment collection process involved manually calling and sending accounts (by post) to thousands of customers at a time. That was, until they found voice broadcasting.

The Solution:

Voice broadcasting enables the waste company to send customised voice broadcasts that reach more customers in much less time and with significantly less effort. According to the company, “A phone list assigned to two people over the course of three to four days can now be completed by one person in about 15 minutes.”

The Results:

This waste solutions provider now collects payments at a higher rate and at a lower cost, reducing bad debt by a whopping 40%. Customer alerts for service delays and courtesy calls also strengthens trust with its clients.

Cross-Channel Messaging for Education

Top Voice Broadcasting Case Studies | Everlytic | Digital communication software | Email marketing | Student on phone


Another client of CallFire’s, an American-based community college that offers 5000 courses, seminars, and programs, uses voice broadcasting as part of their larger communication toolkit. At the time the case study was recorded, the college had already used voice broadcasting and SMS to send 80+ campaigns to 7000+ recipients at a time.

The results include increased email open rates and a 5-10% increase on payment rates.

The Problem:

Communicating with new and current students can be time consuming and costly. This community college needed a voice broadcasting and text messaging solution to complement their existing digital and print communication plans.

The Solution:

The community college uses voice broadcasting, SMS, and email to communicate with students on subjects like tuition, events, and recruitment.

The Results:

Voice broadcasted payment reminders have been particularly impactful for the institution – increasing payment rates by 5-10%. The SMS and voice blasts have also resulted in significant improvements to their email open rates, event attendance, and student responses to their communications.

At the time the case study was recorded, the college had created 80+ campaigns that sent messages to 7000+ recipients at a time. A college representative said, “This would be impossible to do given our current resources and calling students individually.” It’s allowed the college to make better use of its staff, expand its reach, and improve student interaction.

Other Case Studies

Like we said, international success stories are abundant online. Here are a few other good ones we found:

The evidence is clear: voice broadcasting has endless potential. It’s distinct, dynamic, and highly effective. Try it and see what a difference it can make in your business.