About Creamer Media

Creamer Media provides premier in-depth reporting on industrial, mining and economic developments. Their widely respected and authoritative business-to-business publications include Engineering News, Mining Weekly and Polity.org.za. Engineering News and Mining Weekly are positioned as a leading global provider of industry and mining news, while Polity.org.za provides free access to South African legislation and analysis.

Creamer Media also publishes the online research tool, Research Channel Africa, for industry and mining intelligence. Newsletter subscriptions are available for all Creamer Media publications on both freemium and paid subscription models. Subscribers can sign up to receive free news alerts or paid content (detailed, current industry reports) in the form of Research Channel Africa subscriptions.

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The Business Challenge

Franchisees and branches are responsible for client communications, which are used to update account holders using a variety of PostNet services, including mailbox rentals. Such client campaigns revolve around general notices, alerts and updates on mailbox expirations and renewals, services affected by strike action, promotional campaigns and incentives. In addition to Creamer Media’s already thriving database of offline print subscriptions, they were also looking to cement their reputation in the online sphere. Creamer Media’s main objective was to serve news updates to their subscribers and promote research reports.

The Business Solution

“Creamer Media’s strategy involves using Everlytic to send regular news updates to subscribers via email to ‘hook’ subscribers and drive traffic back to the website. ‘’Creamer Media’s reputation for regularly and reliably delivering news has been built on Everlytic’’

– Kenneth Creamer, CEO of Creamer Media

Creamer Media’s readership is comprised of C-level executives and decision makers across the globe. As such, their email communications are highly targeted and segmented to serve subscribers in specific markets. Subscribers receive email newsletters from MiningWeekly.com, EngineeringNews.co.za, Polity.org.za, Creamer Media, and Research Channel Africa sent to their daily and weekly frequency preferences.

The Creamer Media e-commerce store offers paid subscriptions to their print and online publications. Subscribers can also purchase in-depth industrial and mining sector reports as advertised in their mailers. ‘’Most of our readership rely on our content and know to expect a news update from us. I’ve been personally told by subscribers that they check their inbox religiously for our content and have logged in at 2 am to read our updates. Being able to deliver this news consistently and reliably has incredible reputational value for Creamer Media. Using Everlytic as the news organ to achieve this has been very effective for us,” explains Creamer.

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Everlytic is primarily used as a news service by Creamer Media

  • To serve content in the form of Creamer Media reader surveys, news alerts, project updates, and feature articles.
  • To promote research reports.
  • To drive traffic to the e-commerce website where reports can be purchased and subscriptions are converted into revenue.
  • To increase relevant customer contact and grow Creamer Media’s subscriber database.

The Results

According to Reinette Classen, COO Sales and Marketing at Creamer Media, the positive spin-offs from using Everlytic for their email newsletters are broader than just that of ‘an email delivery system’. ‘’Brand reputation and convenience is part of the value we get out of using Everlytic. The system is not only responsive and reliable, but comes with seriously dedicated service from the team. In terms of advertising spend, around 30% of our online advertising revenue is generated on our daily and weekly newsletters and around 10% of our total website traffic is referral traffic to the website from the newsletters,’’ elaborates Classen.

Creamer Media Benefits

The benefits of using Everlytic as an email management and delivery system are largely based on Everlytics reporting systems and user-friendly inter face.

Using Everlytics reporting allows Creamer Media to:

  • Identify the top read stories to compile a daily report on the most popular news items.
  • Assess their geographical reach and exposure using the geo-location reporting feature. Creamer Media can measure global
    readership, and monitor subscriber levels in those regions.
  • Monitor readership statistics, and measure spikes in readership levels as a result of email newsletters.
  • Increase return on investment by generating advertising revenue from their email newsletters.
  • Increase traffic to their e-commerce website, and increase the online readership of the various Creamer Media titles.
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