@Home wanted to create excitement during the week leading up to Black Friday, offering their fans an opportunity to receive exclusive deals before anyone else.

They released a teaser campaign titled “Your VIP pass to shop Black Friday. Be the first.” The focus of the campaign was to acquire new subscribers, with a follow-up promotional email sent to those who had converted.


  • Run a successful social media campaign for Black Friday deals, with a sign-up form to acquire email addresses.
  • Use the collected email addresses to run an exclusive VIP access campaign.

Target Market

  • VIP customers from teaser campaign.
  • Top existing customers.
  • Affiliate partners.


@Home launched their social media teaser campaigns where they collected email addresses for each sign-up received. Shortly after that these new subscribers received an email, granting them a VIP status, to shop for Black Friday deals 6 hours before they were released to the public.

@Home offered their VIP shoppers exclusive access to shop for the best buys on an almost “first come, first serve” basis.

The Results

The teaser campaign pulled in approximately 5 000 email addresses. The email campaign that followed achieved a click-through-rate of over 8% which is double the CTR the retail industry saw in our last Email Benchmarks Report, and triple of what E-commerce saw.

The VIP shopping experience increased sales by 110% on the day of trade.

TFG’s turnover soared to R432million on Black Friday, double last year’s results and more than 50% higher than they had anticipated.

Success Factors

There were several reasons that this campaign was successful, but one of the main factors was it being built around an exclusive shopping experience for a limited amount of time which not only created excitement but also drove a sense of urgency.

Other factors included:

  • Sending Time:
    • The campaign was sent out at lunchtime when consumers are generally on a break.
  • The Subject Line: Your VIP pass to shop Black Friday. Be the first.
    • The subject line included the words ‘VIP’ and ‘be the first’, which evokes curiosity and communicates a sense of urgency compelling the reader to open the email.
  • The Body:
    • The message showcased the 50% off deal with a 6-hour time limit for VIP shopping – the message was clear and concise and created a sense of urgency
Mailer Screenshot | Everlytic | The Foschini Group - @Home’s Black Friday Campaign
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