Wantitall Case Study | Everlytic Automated Marketing Solution

About Wantitall.co.za

Wantitall.co.za is a trusted online shopping site that brings over 15 million products to the South African market. They are the main importer of “hard-to-find” products from the USA, ranging from books, DVDs, toys, clothing, jewellery, electronics, photography equipment, games and much, much more. If a product can’t be found on Wantitall.co.za, you can request it from them and they will scour the planet to find it for you. This makes acquiring “hard-to-find” products easy and convenient for all, plus Wantitall.co.za delivers anywhere in SA directly to your door.

The Challenge

The objective of Wantitall.co.za’s email marketing strategy is to:

  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Increase sales
  • Encourage repeat purchases by existing clients
  • Offer “subscribers only” vouchers to encourage subscription sign ups

The Solution

Every Tuesday morning Wantitall.co.za dispatches an email to their database followed by a reminder email on a Friday morning. Each email contains a unique coupon code with a special offer for that week only. The offer is limited to one order per subscriber. Examples of special offers:

  • Free Delivery
  • R50 Off your purchase
  • 10% Discount off your purchase
  • 20% Discount off your purchase

The Results

These coupons are used to track sales and measure conversion through Wantitall.co.za’s internal ERP system. Once that coupon has been triggered through a purchase it can be tracked back directly to the specific email that was the first point of contact for the sale.

Wantitall.co.za measure and track their results with these tools:

  • Sales are tracked by unique coupon codes as mentioned above.
  • Everlytic’s Google Analytics tracking on their links to effectively track website traffic. By utilising Everlytic’s email message reporting that reports on all activity within a specific email communication.

Wantitall.co.za Benefits

The effectiveness of email marketing on achieving Wantitall.co.za’s objectives:

  • 4%-5% of total website traffic is coming directly from email marketing campaigns.
  • 10%-11% of total Sales are generated from email communications.
  • For every R1 spent Wantitall.co.za receives R3 in return on profits.
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