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Automate Health Communication to Improve Patient & Member Relationships

In industries as intimate and life-altering as health and wellness, communication is essential, but not always possible – especially when the stakes are high and resources are low. Don’t let that lead to bad reviews or lower-quality care; automate communication to improve relationships without adding to your workload.

Send health- or wellness-related communication via:

Email Messaging

SMS Notifications

Transactional Messages

Voice Broadcasts

Push Notifications

Update Patients, Members & Stakeholders in Real Time with Transactional Messaging

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Ensure that patients are always informed. Integrate your platform with Everlytic for API-triggered alerts, appointment reminders, test results, follow-ups, and more.

  • Secure Data Handling
  • Reliable & Timeous Sending
  • Fast Message Delivery
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Support Every Patient with Reverse Billing on SMS Replies

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Not all patients have the resources or mobile data to view or respond to emails or online information. Reverse billing on SMS replies enables recipients to respond to your SMSs for free, adding their SMS cost to your account.

Some of our SMS features include:

  • Easy SMS Database Management
  • Simple SMS Automation
  • Reports on SMS Engagement

Send & Track Communications to Staff, Suppliers & Stakeholders

Use Everlytic’s bulk communication tools and features to send notifications, product or service launches, platform updates, and event or webinar invitations to employees, healthcare providers, and suppliers in your network.

Create Meaningful Experiences with Automated Health Communication

Steep the culture of connection and communication into your service, the patient experience, and your health organisation with message automation.
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