Everlytic is digital marketing software for every industry. To give you an idea of how our platform adapts to various requirements, here’s how some of the industries that use Everlytic do it.

Travel & Hospitality

Send personal, location-specific messages to guests when they book for or arrive at your destination.

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The Retail Industry

Send meaningful messages to your most engaged shoppers, so they keep coming back to your store.


Turn your agency into a digital-communication powerhouse with Everlytic’s messaging platform.

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Automotive Industry

Take your communications to the next level with SA’s leading multi-channel automation platform.


Exceptional customer service is a priority in any industry. But in logistics, with so many moving parts, the customer experience can be tricky to manage. What’s the one key element that could change the game for your logistics company’s customer experience?

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Medical Industry

In industries as intimate and life-altering as health and wellness, communication is essential, but not always possible – especially when the stakes are high and resources are low. 


Looking for a powerful way to make your private security business more competitive? Optimising your digital comms could give you that critical edge.

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Case Studies

Other Industries That Use Everlytic

Everlytic fits any company in any industry.