Hyperli Mailer Preview


This client-retention case study is based on an email campaign that was run by Hyperli in May 2018 to drive engagement with dormant subscribers in Durban. They did this by sending top deals at affordable prices to the city’s client base.


To re-engage dormant subscribers in the Durban area.

Target Market

Durban-based Hyperli subscribers who hadn’t engaged with their deals for a while.


Hyperli’s re-engagement campaign was sent to 70,300 of their Durban subscribers and included four high-converting deals, impactful design, two animated GIFs, and a personalised subject line.

The Results

Of the 70,300 subscribers who received the re-engagement email, 17,997 unique contacts opened it, and 3,862 of them clicked through to the campaigns, beating the e-commerce industry benchmarks shown in Everlytic’s last report.

The Hyperli Campaign had a 26% Open Rate compared to the 23% E-commerce benchmark and a 5.6% Click-Through Rate compared to the 2.3% E-commerce benchmark.

The campaign’s winning deal was the Nu Metro Movie Ticket sale going for R38.00 / ticket. The link got as many as 1,650 unique clicks by 1,965 recipients (315 of them clicked more than once).

“One of Hyperli’s key marketing channels is email. From the start, we knew that we needed a partner that could handle scale and after looking at various potential partners we decided to move forward with Everlytic.

The results have been fantastic! We have a dedicated support team that goes above and beyond to assist us in our pursuit for constant optimisation.

The Everlytic team understands the nuances of email marketing in South Africa and frequently shares learnings and industry observations with us. Everlytic produces world class delivery rates and their software allows us to concentrate on adding value to our customers, knowing that our email delivery is in great hands.”

– Simon Bowes Co-Founder | CGO Hyperli

Success Factors

There are several factors that added to the success of the Hyperli re-engagement campaign; the main one being personalisation. Not only was the campaign sent to a segmented audience (Durban Hyperli subscribers), but the subject line included their names – targeting readers personally in a region specific to them.

Other success factors included:

  • The Subject Line:
    • Hyperli used emojis in the subject line – a strategy that’s proved to boost email open rates.
    • On most devices, the subject line was formatted in bold to make it stand out from the other details of the email.
    • They used descriptive subject lines based on the campaign deals – clarifying what was inside the mail before they even opened it.
  • GIF Animation:
    • Hyperli used GIF animation to focus the subscriber’s attention on two of the four deals. We know this was successful, because, of the four deals in the campaign, it was one of the GIF deals that received the most clicks.
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