The Multi-Channel Communication Platform
for Personalised Automotive Messaging

The Multi-Channel Communication Platform
for Personalised Automotive Messaging

Reach & Connect with Your Customers

The moment a customer drives off in their new car shouldn’t be the last time you communicate with them. That’s why Everlytic has developed a platform to help you talk to customers from the moment they show interest in a new vehicle to the day they return for an upgrade.

Thanks to our subscription forms, POPIA-compliant platform, and automated workflows, it’s a breeze to capture and nurture new leads, delight existing customers, and automate your customer service and sales communications – letting you focus on the important things.

Reach out and we’ll tell you more about how our functionality can support your dealership:

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Marketing Channels and Messages for Your Dealership

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Email, SMS, social media, billboards, banner ads… there are so many different types of marketing, living in separate places with different goals to meet.

At Everlytic we understand customer journeys and have built the tools to enable you to communicate effectively and timeously with your customers, all in the same place. Easily manage multiple channels from one platform, with data available at a glance.

The Time- and Cost-Effectiveness of Email Marketing

Is email marketing time- and cost-effective? Absolutely.

Emails can reach customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Plus, in the long run, it’s more affordable than most marketing messaging: Litmus reports a 3 800% ROI for email marketing, while social media ROI is inconclusive, with 65% of global marketers saying they either cannot measure it or are uncertain.

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Building and Nurturing Your Customer Database

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Owning and communicating regularly to a database of customers is vital. Everlytic has the tools to enable easy, automated communication with customers, wherever they are in their customer journey.

Don’t have an accessible database? No problem. Quickly build subscription forms for new or existing customers that will record the contact’s details directly into Everlytic. Use these forms to capture leads and build a first-party database so you can engage with your contacts about future launches, special offers, events, after-sales care, and more.

Personalised Automotive Communications at Scale

When time is limited but you need to communicate with a variety of customers, you need to work smart. With Everlytic’s intelligent, automated, and dynamic content functionality, you can create responsive journeys for customers based on their interests, demographics, and engagement.

The right message at the right time means increased engagement and ROI. And it’s a breeze. Build an email using our drag-and-drop builder and create dynamic fields to send targeted content to specified customer segments. Even though you’ve built only one email, the content is personalised to each individual’s interests.

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Navigating POPIA When Talking to Your Customers

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