Email marketing in South Africa has been around for many years. Yet we barely have any local standards to compare our campaigns to. Sympathising with local marketer’s frustrations, Everlytic released its first-ever benchmarks report in 2015 using organisations in various industries within South Africa. The report gave deeper, more meaningful insights about email communication without relying on international benchmarks.

This year, a new benchmarks report was released, reflecting changes in email marketing trends over the last two years. The data focuses on key metrics that email marketers should strive for with every message sent. These include open rates, click-through-rates, click-to-open rates, unsubscribes, and more. By knowing these metrics, marketers can measure the effectiveness of their current email campaigns and optimise where needed.

The result from this research can be seen in the infographic below. It incorporates over 2 billion emails, providing you with a high-level analysis of those very important email metrics. More than that, the research highlights how email marketing continues to evolve, and gives insight on the type of relevant content you should be sending out.

To read the full report, with a breakdown by industry, click here.

Email Marketing South Africa | Infographic on insights and benchmarks