Optimise the Customer Experience in Your Logistics Business

Exceptional customer service is a priority in any industry. But in logistics, with so many moving parts, the customer experience can be tricky to manage. What’s the one key element that could change the game for your logistics company’s customer experience?

Transactional messaging with Everlytic.

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Send transactional messages on these channels:

Email Messaging
SMS Notifications
Voice Broadcasts
Push Notifications
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Happy Customers = Better Business

When you integrate your supply-chain systems with transactional email, SMS, voice broadcasting, and web push notifications, you can:

  • Lighten the load on your call centre, so staff can spend their time on more complex issues and provide quicker resolutions for customers

  • Instantly deliver order information to the appropriate person, boosting customer confidence and future sales

  • Send automated replies for common customer queries, like transit times, prices, location inquiries, and pick-up scheduling

  • Auto-inform customers when their order has left the warehouse, when it reaches its destination, and if anything impacts delivery along the way

  • Send automated emails asking for feedback, so you can improve your service and gather valuable social proof for your business

  • Automatically issue receipts and billing statements, while keeping information secure

  • Use reports to spot trends or gaps in your communication, so you can increase productivity and efficiencies

Logistics Communication is Easier than Ever to Implement

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