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Guide to Advanced Communication Automation

Automated communication isn’t just about automation anymore. It’s grown into a fully integrated, omnichannel form of marketing and customer journeying that connects systems with people, pre-defined scenarios, and behavioural triggers driven by customer interaction.

In this guide, we’ll explore why automated communications are so critical to business success and the three levels of communication automation. We’ll also provide examples of how other businesses are using automation at these levels and look at what to consider when compiling your own automation workflows.

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Advanced Communication Automation

The three levels of advanced communication automation that we cover (with examples) in this guide are:

Level 1

Using Your Contact Data

For any automated journey to work, you need data – and to start, all you need is an email address.

The more data you collect on your contacts (like name, gender, location, interests), the more personalised and targeted your messages can be.

  • Personalise messages with unique data
  • Segment lists for relevant messaging
  • Dynamic content for different audiences
  • A/B testing for better engagement
Level 2

Customer Behaviour Tracking

This is the next level of automation, where you track how your contacts interact with your messages and use that as data.

This enables you to change course when necessary and respond to your contacts with relevant messaging precisely when they want or need it.

  • Nurture leads and onboard contacts
  • Adapt journeys in response to behaviour
  • Respond to landing page engagement
  • Trigger actions when a data changes
Level 3

Integration Across Systems

This is the ultimate level of automation as it pulls and pushes data from other sources, like your CRM or ecommerce platform.

It simplifies your life by automating your database updates and ensures that the data you’re using is even more current and relevant.

  • Abandoned cart messaging
  • CRM-integrated communications
  • Reduce dropouts in higher education
  • Track product adoption to support clients

They say people do business with people. And it’s true. But, in today’s highly competitive, fast-paced world, communication automation is the only tool that enables you to give that personal touch without physically having to customise and push send on every message.

Get the guide that shows you how.