Good planning is essential to many e-commerce marketers’ Black Friday email campaign strategies, and to help you make the most of this profitable time of year we’re sharing our most recent findings with you. We analysed data on our Everlytic platform, taking a close look at Black Friday and the days that immediately precede and follow it for insights you can use to promote engagement on your e-commerce emails this year.

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About The Data, Timeframes, & Samples

Data was extracted on email send volumes and engagement for Black Friday itself, the three weekdays preceding it and the three days following it – seven days in total. This was done for 2021 and 2022 to zoom in on the sending dates and behavioural changes in e-commerce email engagement. To add an additional layer of insights to the data, it was compared it to metrics from our most recent Email Benchmarks Report.

Decreased Send Volumes & Engagement

The analysis showed a decrease in both send volumes and engagement from 2021 to 2022 for the seven days considered. The average click-through-rates for all weekdays were still significantly higher than the industry benchmark rates on e-commerce emails – hinting that businesses who are planning on sending during this time will still benefit from optimal engagement rates.

A few days stood out as particularly well suited for sending. The Tuesday and Thursday preceding Black Friday continue to show strong engagement rates, while the Wednesday seems less suited to sending. The latest findings correlate well with observations from last year’s analysis (available here) and could be indicative of a longer-term trend on the best days to send emails.

Better Recipient Retention Strategies

Despite the lower engagement rates compared to 2021, e-commerce email recipients were far less likely to unsubscribe or complain in 2022. A likely reason for this could be that e-commerce marketers are spreading out their messaging over a longer timeframe. In other words, they’re not bombarding recipients with emails during this week only but taking a more strategic long-term approach.

Higher Engagement on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday stood out as an excellent day for email engagement. Click-through rates on this day defied the downward progression on all weekdays considered in the analysis except for Black Friday itself, which saw similar engagement to 2021.

Now it’s time to discover our latest Black Friday insights for yourself. Happy reading!

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