Although the travel industry, among others, has taken a knock due to Covid-19, travelers still want to have new experiences at new destinations. With this in mind, email marketing can be a great way to create excitement for these travelers with the end goal of increasing your sales. Here are 5 email marketing tips to use for the travel industry in 2022.

Everlytic | 5 Email Maarketing Tips for the Travel Industry in 2022 | Travel 2022 | Woman Booking Travel

1. Understand Your Customer

You need to understand your customers’ intents and decision-making processes when they’re looking for travel deals. This will allow you to offer them relevant travel marketing content.

For instance, a study from Expedia shows that 50% of travelers feel positive about traveling; the other half still need assurance. Consider adding surveys or polls in your emails to understand your guests’ travel concerns. The results may help you to craft the right message to provide the reassurance needed.

2. Use Data to Drive Your Strategy

Data-driven email marketing is about using data from customer interactions and engagements to provide content that is relevant to their interests and needs. For example, customer relationship management (CRM) technology can help you leverage data available from other systems. The more data you have on your customers, the better you can connect with them in your email campaigns.

Once you’ve collected your data, you can personalize content for your customer based on their interests or previous holidays, etc. You can even go further and use the data to upsell or predict their future behaviors.

A strategy like this benefits the customer as they get a customized experience. Additionally, your chances of conversion become greater.

3. Personalize Offers for Subscribers

Everlytic | 5 Email Marketing Tips for the Travel Industry in 2022 | Travel 2022 | Example of Travel Email Marketing on Mobile Device

With accurate subscriber data, you can make better use of personalization – a functionality that can help you boost campaign effectiveness. According to MDG Advertising, 83% of millennials are open to sharing their data with brands for a personalized travel experience.

Segment your lists so you can send hyper-personalized content or offers to your subscribers. Send content like stay-cation tips or exclusive workation solutions.

Additionally, use automation to execute your email marketing strategy and take personalization to the next level. Here are some benefits:

Everlytic | 5 Email Marketing Tips for the Travel Industry in 2022 | Travel 2022 | Example of Travel Email Marketing on Mobile Device
  • Save time and resources. For example, you can create and trigger personalized welcome and confirmation emails when guests book.
  • Create personalized dynamic content at scale. Create one email for everyone on your contact list, showing only relevant content based on the commonly shared interests of various segments. (e.g.: Showing sports gear to people who like sports and work attire for businesspeople.)
  • Build and maintain relationships. Use relevant and scheduled campaigns to maintain contact with your customers throughout their journey.

Everlytic’s email functionality can help you create, personalize, track and automate mobile-optimized email marketing campaigns that help drive ROI.

4. Optimize Your Email Design & Elements

Your email design, copy, and visual elements need to be attractive to entice your customer to make a booking.

Make sure that the traveler is also encouraged to take action as soon as they open the email. Optimize the email structure by placing your offer’s strengths above the fold and give a specific hierarchy to the content. Adding your most important content first and including bold titles or subheads will improve clarity and readability.

Add a strong call to action too. Because of the current Covid-19 age, consider experimenting with your CTA. For example, change your call to action from visit now to visit later. This may create excitement for a future trip.

You can also experiment with adding a virtual travel experience to help the would-be traveler to explore the destination from the comfort of their home.

Everlytic | 5 Email Marketing Tips for the Travel Industry in 2022 | Travel 2022 | Woman Using Mobile Device | Travel Map | Stay cation

Remember to use a responsive design so your emails are viewable on both mobile and desktop devices.

5. Embrace Trends Like Staycations

The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced consumer behavior, which has, in turn, influenced travelers’ destination decisions. This has resulted in a new travel trend: staycations. And as a hashtag, it has at least 800 million views on Tik Tok. This form of domestic tourism involves staying in or closer to home and encourages cautious and price-sensitive consumers to still travel.

Tip: Use location-based marketing to target subscribers and draw them to your website to sign up for relevant deals close to their area.

Travel in the Covid-19 Age

The Covid-19 pandemic has left most people fatigued and longing to enjoy new scenery and see loved ones. Keep these email marketing tips in mind when connecting with your travelers. Offering them meaningful deals may encourage them to start travelling again, positively affecting your revenue.