Segmentation helps get the right content to the right people.

Instead of sending communications to everyone on your list, you can refine your strategy to send content that suits your user’s needs.

Users have a great demand for relevance and segmentation is key to establishing this. You can segment and target your email communication based on gender, location, preferences, languages and any subscriber information you have, really.

Here are 5 reasons for segmenting your database:
  • Relevance: Audiences today favour personalisation on preferences such as lifestyle, geographical location, gender, age and psycho graphics.
  • Higher read rate: Recipients respond favourably when they’re welcomed and understood. Engagement is higher when content is relevant.
  • Lower unsubscribe rate: Subscribers will have a higher level of loyalty if they receive important information that is applicable to them specifically.
  • Trust: Your reader’s will be more likely to trust communications coming from you since you understand them enough to send only relevant info.
  • Reduced marketing costs: Your volume of mail will be much less but when you segmenting correctly, responses and conversions will be higher.

Send targeted email communications with our filters and send product information to male and female subscribers respectively or event information to specific recipients based on their location.