by Nina Joubert

According to Reality Check 2013, a research paper released by Cisco and World Wide Worx, 50% of South African businesses, big and small, are taking advantage of cloud software. The reality is, regardless of the negative stigma and issues like slow internet in the country, the benefits of cloud software are becoming necessary solutions for both your business efficiency and productivity and ultimately, your bottom line.

In today’s modern world of marketing, success is directly related to the data needed for lead generation and nurturing strategies as well as the correct management of that data. The success of your data management can often determine the success or failure of your campaign.

Cloud-based software products ensure data security, allow for large storage space and provide the necessary capacity for campaign deployment.

The “cloud” has been around for a while, but it is still a fairly new concept in South Africa. Issues concerning security have given the term a negative stigma. But as long as companies have ensured necessary security features like IP locking to limit server access and a Security Sockets Layer (SSL) for communication security over the Internet, marketers can be rest assured that their data is secure.

In fact, hosting data on the cloud can be a lot safer than not hosting it on the cloud. “The cloud” gives marketers the freedom not be reliant on a device or even a location. If something should go wrong, all your information is still safely stored in one centralised location that automatically syncs across all platforms. Access is granted through security passwords and necessary IP allowances, making data available just about anywhere, but only to those who have permission to see it.